Lighting design adds a new, fourth dimension in space that has quite a strong impact on the way people get inspired, become creative, have fun and interact, shaping their personal stories.

Here at HALO, our team’s mission is to upgrade the human experience in terms of both aesthetics and function by creating game-changing environments that stand out for their cutting-edge lighting design schemes.

Whether providing the decorative lighting for a private residence or the architectural lighting for a commercial project, HALO’S main concern is to create a dynamic atmosphere with advanced quality and signature identity.

Our team’s values, know-how, expertise and eclectic creativity have established us as the company that redefines lighting design in Greece since the 70’s.

The fields of architectural lighting, landscape lighting and eco LED lighting are impressively growing internationally demanding our constant research on contemporary design and the latest brands, in collaboration with the Greek architects that share the HALO philosophy.

Our work is bespoke. We respect each vision and study all special requirements and needs, personalizing each stage of our service; from design, planning and development to supervision, application and maintenance.

At the same time, we make sure to clearly communicate our ideas via detailed sketches, photometric drawings and photorealistic rendering whilst always respecting the agreed budget and deadlines.

Lighting design does a lot more than just extending the hours of natural daylight; it encourages the forming of fresh ideas, new experiences and exciting personal narratives. As long as there is light, HALO will continue to draw inspiration from it, creating environments with signature identity.