At HALO we continue a longstanding tradition in lighting field in Greece. Our course begins at the early 70’s until today.

At HALO Architectural Lighting we have developed a unique approach to lighting design. We are experts at working with light. We understand its properties and effects and how and why it works. As Lighting Designers we combine the art and science of light to create innovative solutions in a world that is made of light.

These qualities ensure freedom for creative thinking while also guaranteeing that the more practical requirements of the project are met.
While our basic services are formulated to follow a flexible design process, we can equally provide a service for clients needing a more tailored approach.

Development of the lighting brief and strategic thinking are an essential part of coming up with good ideas. Our creative approach explores the unique qualities of each project.

Each lighting concept considers image and function alongside costs, buildability and ease of maintenance: design for special needs and sustainability are integrated into the design from an early stage.

We pride ourselves on clear communication of our ideas through sketches, models, images, words and diagrams.

Through continual evaluation of the scheme and assisting of commissioning, programming and focus of the lighting systems we ensure delivery of the agreed lighting concepts in the less possible time.

Keeping pace with contemporary architecture worldwide, HALO Architectural Lighting Study team searches and develops innovative solutions for each project and individual client.

Our extensive experience of working with the largest manufacturers of lighting systems in the world, in combination with our passion for architectural lighting, guarantees the highest standards of professionalism.